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Clean Train Pledge: Elected Officials Commit to Taking Action

On June 7, the Clean Train Coalition launched a “Clean Train Pledge” campaign which asked elected representatives from all levels of government to commit to taking action in favour of electrification.

As of today, 29 of the 33 representatives are signatories or have publicly declared they are advocating for electrification. This sends a very strong message to the Provincial Government:

Diesel-powered rail transit expansion is not acceptable in west Toronto!

The list of advocates includes Trustees from the impacted public and Catholic school board districts, City Councillors from wards along the rail line, the Mayor and main mayoral candidates, and Members of the Provincial and Federal Parliaments. We applaud their commitment to representing the will of the people to the government. We call on the goverment of Ontario to heed this unified voice. Metrolinx must be directed to electrify!

Furthermore, now that Metrolinx will be responsible for owning and operating the ARL (articles in: The Star, Globe and Mail, National Post), we expect the process to be more open to the public and more accountable. With SNC Lavalin no longer in the mix, this is between the people and their government, and the people have spoken out overwhelmingly in favour of electrification.

Advocates for Electrification:

City Councillor Cesar Palacio
City Councillor Gord Perks
City Councillor Adam Vaughan
City Councillor Frank DiGiorgio
City Councillor Adam Giambrone
City Councillor Pam McConnell
City Councillor Frances Nunziata
Mayor David Miller
Deputy Mayor/Mayoral Candidate Joe Pantalone
Mayoral Candidate Rocco Rossi
Mayoral Candidate George Smitherman
Mayoral Candidate Sarah Thomson
MPP Laura Albanese
MPP Cheri Dinovo
MPP Rosario Marchese
MPP Tony Ruprecht
MP Olivia Chow
MP Gerard Kennedy
MP Alan Tonks
MP Mario Silva
TDSB Trustee Irene Atkinson
TDSB Trustee Chris Bolton
TDSB Trustee John Hastings
TDSB Trustee Maria Rodrigues
TDSB Trustee Chris Tonks
TDCSB Trustee Sal Piccininni
TDCSB Trustee Barbara Poplawsk
TDCSB Trustee Rob Davis
TDCSB Trustee Catherine Leblanc-Miller

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