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Metrolinx HEALTH Study 2011

Metrolinx has released their health study .They are arguing that the health effects are minimal! CTC has issues with this:   

  • The World Health Organization claims that we already have poor air quality with pollutant levels above their health safety guidelines, so why does metrolinx think it’s ok to pollute more?
  • Metrolinx ridership projections for their “premium” business-class service will mean that the ARL diesel trains will be polluting more than the cars they take off the road – whereas electric trains would both reduce traffic congestion AND improve air quality
  • There is still no commercially available Tier 4 diesel train –  but electric trains surpass Tier 4 environmental performance and have been in service around the world for years.

REMEMBER to ask Metrolinx about NOISE pollution and vibrations. These are important human health concerns. Those of you living close to the tracks know that newer (Tier 2) GO locomotives are much noisier than the older locomotives, and we are concerned that Tier 4 will be even WORSE. Their idea of “mitigation” is a  20-foot wall. How would you feel about an oppressive, intimidating concrete wall cutting your neighbourhood in half? And what’s worse, this wall would NOT help those living on the 3rd floor or higher; which means most condo owners would be out of luck! So PUSH them about this at the meetings. If you don’t feel that a giant wall is an adequate solution, then DO NOT settle for it.

ALSO, be sure to ask Metrolinx about their claim that their proposed diesel trains will lead to fewer cars on the roads. Demand them to prove this with calculations.

Metrolinx’s third and last open house on the health study was held on Thursday, June  16 , 2011
If you couldn’t make  the open house , submit your comments online. The site is laid out with 6 “tabs” to walk through what the presentation would look like and the last tab gives you opportunity to submit your comments.

Just as a reminder, they’re still planning to build the ARL using DIESEL trains. We need to make sure they make it ELECTRIC from the start. We’re planning an all-out push to change this decision, keeping in mind the upcoming provincial elections – there’s lots of work to be done and very little time. We believe we can win this fight, but we need your help to make this happen.

Keep spreading the word
Talk about the issue with your friends and co-workers. If they agree electric trains are the way to go, encourage them to talk to others about it and sign up for our eBlasts by entering their emails in the subscription field or send an email to info@cleantrain.ca. Invite them to the general info meeting to get informed.

Let us know about community events in your area
We’d like to send CTC reps out to community events to make sure the word is out. Let us know if there’s an event that you know of by sending an email to info@cleantrain.ca. Even better if you would like to help represent us at these events.

Help with writing and outreach
We need people to help do outreach into communities, represent the CTC at community events, write materials like these eBlast newsletters, or fundraise. If you can help in any of these areas, please send us an email at info@cleantrain.ca. We can’t do this without you!

To help with the upcoming outreach push, we’re going to need more funds.
We suggest a donation of $20 per household. More if you’re feeling generous, and if this is too much, any donation is appreciated!


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