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“Clean Trains Bill” back on the agenda

UPDATE: Jonah needs your support to make this bill a reality!
Please add your name to his petition here.

We are delighted that the NDPs “Clean Trains Bill” is back on the agenda at Queen’s Park!

Please read the following statement from Jonah Schein, MPP (Davenport) from June 5, 2013:

Today I reintroduced my Private Members Bill to push forward electrification of the Union Pearson Express Air Rail Link.

The Liberal government’s decision to run diesel trains on this line has drawn widespread criticism both for the negative health impacts it will have on our community and on our air quality… and because it will fail to ease gridlock and move people effectively in our city.

For years, our west end community has called for immediate electrification on the line.

The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, the Asthma Society of Canada and the Medical Officer of Health for Toronto have all expressed concerns about the diesel plan and support immediate electrification.

Toronto City Council has passed a motion in favour of electrification so as to allow additional stops on the route and provide an affordable downtown relief line in the west end of Toronto.

The Auditor General has questioned the government’s business model for the proposed diesel line, calling Metrolinx’s ridership projections “overly optimistic” as higher than usual fares will discourage ridership.

Transit expert Joell Ann Vanderwagen called the Liberal’s Diesel plan “The worst current example of wasted resources and opportunity” and advocates for electric train service as a “common sense,” effective alternative “to create a GTA-wide rapid transit network now — not 30 years down the road.”

And just today world renowned scientist David Suzuki added his voice to the growing list of people concerned about this government’s plan.

So today I asked Premier Wynne and the Liberal Government of Ontario, to listen to these good people and commit to do it once, to do it right the first time and to electrify the Union Pearson Air Rail Link from day one.

For more information on the bill, you can contact Jonah’s office here.

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    • RHL on August 28, 2013 at 3:55 pm
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    The bill should be for full electrification of the rail corridor in question and not just UPE. In essence, the whole corridor should be for non-fossil fuel based modes of transportation. Do the job right ,the first time !!!

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