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Sign the new petition for electric trains

The Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents Association has launched a petition on Change.org to electrify the Union-Pearson Express diesel train service that will start running beside Sorauren Park next year. You can sign the petition here.

The RMRA, the Clean Train Coalition, the Wabash Building Society, the Weston Community Coalition, the West Bend Residents Association, the Junction Triangle Residents Association, the Mt. Dennis Residents Association, the City of Toronto, the Toronto District School Board, the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Professional Engineers of Ontario, and many other groups have been calling for electrification of the service for years.

Despite these protests, health evidence, environmental evidence, and economic evidence to the contrary, the Ontario Liberals decided to build a diesel service in time to serve tourists during the two-week Pan Am Games. Following the Games, the UP Express will be an expensive express train service for the downtown business class, with one-way fares expected in the $25-$35 range.

While the protests forced the Liberals to initiate an environmental assessment on electrification, it was delayed by several years, giving time for the diesel system to be installed. As well, there is no funding in place for electrification, even though Metrolinx’s own preliminary studies show that an electric system will be cheaper to operate than diesel.

• Diesel is a known carcinogen
• Diesel trains are heavier and slower to accelerate and decelerate, meaning the line can accommodate fewer stops and not serve as public transit to the airport
• Diesel is more expensive to operate than electric
• Diesel produces greenhouse gases
• Diesel is noisier and in some places may require noise walls, which will become graffiti magnets and force a visual blight on the city
• Ontario has surplus electricity

Please sign the petition!


    • Francis Corrigan on November 30, 2014 at 9:19 pm
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    How long do I have to wait for electric trains?

    • Francis Corrigan on November 30, 2014 at 9:19 pm
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    How long do I have to wait for trains powered by electricity?

  1. Metropolitan Dallas Fort Worth has more than 6 million pelope. DFW handles almost 60 million passengers, almost twice as many as YYZ. How did their airport service get started in about 10 years ago? . What do they mainly use now? F59PH series + bilevels. (Although to be fair, DFW/Centreport is more like Woodbine Station or Malton GO in terms to proximity to the terminal)I don’t disagree with the notion of electrification at all. I think if Metrolinx were told that train movements in the corridor could not exceed certain amounts until electrification was put in place the public would find that reasonable, not least since to my mind we’ll be waiting a long time for the 460 movements to happen, even longer than to put 25kV into Union and 25kV substations and catenary into west and northwest Toronto. However, electrification can’t be a way of stopping or delaying this project. Mr. Sullivan’s organisation demanded a tunnel they have gotten their way on that, albeit with pedestrianisation of John St. They demanded a full station and it looks like they are certainly going to see an improvement in service. They attempted to whip up anxiety about the Strachan separation but despite Metrolinx’ attempt to throw their weight around, an acceptable deal looks likely there too.Is it unfair that Weston bears this load? Perhaps. But Liberty Village will have all of that plus Milton and Lakeshore West to the south. Danforth has Stouffville and Lakeshore East and god willing more VIA. Rexdale and Malton have A380s landing over their heads as of this week. Etobicoke has the Gardiner, 427, Lakeshore and Milton. Electrification and Transit City is going to mean more requirement for electrical power when the Province is already having trouble imposing new generation on various GTA communities to maintain existing output while closing Nanticoke. This isn’t a drop-in fix and in the meantime we need to get started on holding the line on, and gradually increasing the modal shift to transit between Union and the northwest GTA.

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