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The airport train that airport workers can’t use The Ontario government’s plan for the Union-Pearson Express is coming under increasing criticism for its high-fare, premium-service business model. The line was funded with $456 million in taxpayer dollars.

adipex patient reviews The Clean Train Coalition has joined with other groups denouncing the airport train that airport workers can’t afford to use. (See the video.)

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go site The new Our Pearson Coalition is calling for an affordable, electric train to the airport instead of the forthcoming diesel service for the 1%. Coalition members include TTC Riders, Toronto Airport Council of Unions, Social Planning Toronto and the Greater Toronto Workers Assembly.

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phentermine highest dose Sign the Coalition’s petition for an affordable, electric service!

see UP Express fares are expected to be in the $20-$30 range, based on its business plan already criticized by Ontario’s Auditor-General for being unrealistic.

source url By comparison, Vancouver’s Canada Line electric train service to its airport costs $5 for a one-way fare from downtown TO the airport. Casual users must pay a surcharge for travel FROM the airport to downtown, but the surcharge does not apply to frequent users including airport workers or anyone who uses a monthly pass, the equivalent of a TTC Metropass.

follow link Metrolinx says it is considering discounts for airport workers and families. Metrolinx will be announcing the new fare structure at its Dec. 11 board meeting.

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go to site On Nov. 26, Our Pearson Coalition, including members of the Clean Train Coalition, held a day of action at four stops along the rail corridor: Union, Bloor/Dundas West, Weston and Pearson airport. Thousands of residents were engaged.

adipex and bipolar disorder Community members have been calling for an all-electric, affordable airport train since at least 2005. The McGuinty government opted for a diesel, premium-fare service to satisfy the needs of the Pan Am Games bid. The Pan Am/Parapan Am Games take place over two weeks in July and one week in August 2015. Athletes will not use the airport train but will be bussed.


  1. D. Young I’ve taken the night express bus to the airport for a regular TTC fare. It was quick and not that inconvenient. It would be a shame to loss it.

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  2. D. Young What a terrible sham this has become. Electrified rail for our citizens at a reasonable rate (the way it should be) has become ‘everybody pay for those who have money or their fares are paid by their work or connection meaning the fares are paid indirectly by those who can’t afford to use this ‘their’ trains.

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