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Clean Trains Railbender Oct. 8, Indie Ale House

follow As many predicted, the business plan for the diesel UP Express trains appears to be in tatters. As widely reported, trains are running at less than 10% capacity. UP Express is turning into a social justice and public transportation fiasco.

phentermine coupons 2015 The question now is: How can UP Express be transformed from a taxpayer-funded, carcinogenic express rail service for a select few who can afford the premium fares, to a true electrified urban transit system connecting Toronto’s two biggest employment zones — downtown and the airport — to transit-starved communities along its route. At affordable fares. Like Vancouver.

Join us to discuss at the next…
see Clean Train Railbender, Thursday, Oct. 8, from 7 p.m. onwards at the Indie Ale House, 2876 Dundas St. West, at Keele Street in the Junction.

From The Globe and Mail, 23 Sept. 2015:

The Ontario government’s new airport express train is running 90 per cent empty, with ridership slumping since its launch in June.

The Union-Pearson Express (UPX), which costs $27.50 one way, is only attracting about 2,500 riders per day, provincial transit agency Metrolinx has revealed. That figure is down 750 from the daily ridership during its first week in service.

The dismal numbers are reviving questions about the value of having the train – which cost $456-million to build and now $68-million annually to operate – at a time when Toronto’s regular subway system is overcrowded and a long list of other transit projects remains unbuilt.

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