Why be concerned?

Metrolinx and the Province of Ontario plan to run over 400 diesel trains a day through neighbourhoods from Pearson Airport to Union Station. Diesel exhaust is a known threat to human health, especially the health of children and seniors, and is linked to cancer and respiratory diseases. Diesel trains will spew fumes, create noise and divide our neighbourhoods. This plan will seriously impact our quality of life.

Metrolinx has indicated a vague plan to electrify this corridor in 15 years, but there is no commitment in place to do so. In order to protect our health, save our neighbourhoods, and advance Ontario’s green economy, we need to electrify now.

Speak up!

Tell them that you demand:

electric plug graphic Clean and modern electric trains to run along the Union Station
to Georgetown Corridor

electric plug graphic No new investment in diesel technology

electric plug graphic A new environmental assessment that considers electrification
as an alternative to diesel

electric plug graphic More accessibility by adding stops and making connections between communities.

Video Stories

Dr David McKeown comments on Diesel Trains

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Rob Joy – Go Electric

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